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Digital Transformation and Digital Marketing For (MSME) Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

For sustainable and continuous growth


What is digital transformation

Digital transformation is a Mindset. Like a mother tongue

A Simple Analogy. Your thinking rooted, starts from your mother tongue and the mind automatically translate the words and sentences to another language to speak with others.
Digital Transformation is not an easy task. But a definitely achievable change management practice to sustain your business, move forward and grow your business to reach the business goals. No matter what business you are in, your concept of business and how you were and are running your business and going forward to seek gowth is disrupted and changing. Consumer expectations and needs are always changing.
Anyone and all kinds of businesses can achive their desired results with Smart Goals and a well thought out plan to reach that goal.
We are here to transform your business adopting to the challenges of digital economy and discover the potential consumers and turn them in to buying customers.

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Who am I?. About Me (About Us)

I am a Business Transformation and Digital marketing consultant

My Name: Balasubramaniam Ram
Business Name: Brusoft
Email: ramlogo@gmail.com
Mobile / Whats App Number: 098947 17489
Website: https://startdigitalmarketing.in
My Mission & Vision
To Help maximum number of WILLING Individuals, Small Kirana shops and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises to Transfrom and embrace challenging digital landscape to grow rapidly and achieve their Goals easily, quickly and cost effectively with Practical, tried, tested and proven digital marketing tools and technologies.

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Services to adopt and transform your business to grow and prosper in this digital economy

We assist you meet the challenges and demands of the modern consumers with a professionally organised and structured form

Set a realistic goal A road map to a reach the destination.

Consider what you want to achive and what your vision and mission for your company or business in the short and long term.

Set a realistic and achievable short time and long time goals with a measurable timeline . It gives you focus and direction. Develop an action plan to achieve the goals. Share your goals, timeline and the plan with your company stake holders and employees. It gives you and the people in your company motivation and direction to where and how to focus thier energy, time, advertisement spend, marketing tools to achieve your goals.

Start small and grow big with an online marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategies starts with testing and experimenting. Using the data analysis you realise what works and what doesn't. It will help you a clear direction to where to focus your time, energy and marketing spend.
Consumers are already searching online for the products or services you or your competitors provide which helps solve their problems. Targeting the ideal consumers with Content marketing (products or services related articles, videos, infographics and webinars etc., ), Paid advertisement,Social media marketing, Email marketing and search engine optimisation.

We can help you reach your goal.

With our years of digital marketing experience, knowledge and insights

Know about our thought process, what businesses we follow, what we are reading, what influences our decision making and what insight we bring to a clients table to help our clients succeed. Most importantly what you can expect from our service.You cannot make an informed decision without reading our blog.

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