A simple guide to use WhatsApp Business Catalog

A simple guide to use WhatsApp Business Catalog to create awareness of your products or services and increase customer base.
Facebook Inc bought the Message App WhatsApp for the shocking amount of $19 Billion (that’s a lot of zeroes after 19) Feb’ 2014.
According to Statista.com.
“As of 2019, WhatsApp is most popular global mobile messenger app worldwide with approximately 1.6 billion monthly active users, outranking Facebook Messenger at 1.3 billion and WeChat at 1.1 billion users. Following Facebook and YouTube, it is the third most popular social network worldwide”.
Everyone know how to use WhatsApp and it’s features.
After facebook launched WhatsApp for Businesses last year, now they have introduced Catalogs for Small Business, which is a boon for every small business out there.
Most of my customers are struggling to understand the new features and how to use it.
instead of explaining to each customers, i provide this step by step guide and sending the link of this page to them by Whatsapp message.
The Guide to WhatsApp Business Catalogues.
Step by step guide to How to use and set up WhatsApp Catalogs for your business. No matter what business you are in, it has an interesting and very useful set of features for every business who wants to connect with their customers, present their product images and most importantly drive them to your website.
It is another important and very useful social networking platform, where people are constantly checking their message every day and a lot of time.

Prepare to add your catalogue

Before you dive in to the settings which you can find in top right hand corner (the three dots) , prepare your profile photo. It is usually 640 pixels X 640 Pixels size.

You can take a photo of your shop front or logo or product image as your business profile photo.
Click Business settings and click Business profile add short description of your business.


Add your address, drag the map to your exact location. Add business hours, add your email id and add your website link.
Business Catalogue
Click Catalog in the Business settings
Click the green + symbol
Add your product image (640 X 480 pixels or up to 1280 pixels)
Add product or service name
Add price
Add description of the product or service
If you have a website add the product or service page link ( which is a fantastic feature to drive people to your online showroom)
If you have a service or product code add it too.
That is it.
Now you can add your products or services one by one.

After you finish your Catalogue tap a product or service name in Catalogue manager and send it to your potential customer.


Here is few stories of how some Indian sellers use WhatsApp Business to engage with existing and new buyers and increase their business.


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