An Online Catalogue For Textile Machinery Spares

An Online Catalogue For Textile Machinery Spares.

Visual Catalogue To select and Order Spares.

Client: Sumanlal J Shah & Co.


Our client is a major Textile Machinery spares manufacturers,suppliers and exporters of Textile Yarn Spinning Mill Spares and Accessories in India.

Their printed catalogue with thousands of products runs in to more than 40 pages.

All yarn Manufacturing Process machine categories.

  • Blowroom machine
  • Carding Machine
  • Comber Machine
  • Unilap Machine
  • Draw Frame
  • speed Frame Machine
  • Ring Spinning
  • Autoconer Machine
  • General spares and Accessories
  • Conversion Products
  • Electronic products


Our client wanted to present their catalogue fully online.

We developed a responsive visual catalogue, so their customers can access it in any device smartphones, tabs or desktops and select the parts visually and send inquiry easily by part numbers 24 hours and 365 days.

Sending each printed catalogue is time consuming and they had to spend hundreds of Rupees to dispatch through courier and post.


Now it is easier and spending few paise to Message their website address to customers who request their catalogue.




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