Business Transformation – Embrace The Digital Economy

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is a Mindset, like a mother (native) tongue.
A Simple analogy comes close to the definition of Digital Transformation. Whenever people want to communicate with one another (written words or spoken words – A native Tamilian or Mexican speaking and communicate to an American or vice versa). They use a language to get across their message or thoughts. That cognitive process happens in ones mother tongue. In order to share their thought or message to another person who speak a different language, the mind process it in their native language and translate that thought to receivers language. If you are speaking to some one who is native of the same mother tongue, there is no need for translating the thoughts to another language. Communication with a native is very easier and without an effort.
That is why i mentioned Digital transformation is a mindset like native (Mother) tongue.

Who is or what a digital native?

A digital native is one thinks and approaches the business, see all aspects the business thru a digital lense in its entire form through the digital process. He or she understand the naunces of changing, twisting and evolving the nature of digital economy and they are always prepared and ready to correct their courses according to the nature of the technology landscape and move forward and drive their business to the next level.

Why the need for digital (change) management?

Computer and software defines the digital economy. Software helps produce, manufacture, supply the products or services cost effectively, quickly and efficiently to the end user.

Meet the modern consumer

The modern consumer beginning to discover almost all their information produced digitally, learns about a products or services on a digital platform. To make a purchase his or her first tool is is a computer, smartphone tablet or any other device. They consume all their content online. Internet (Search engines, Email, Social media, a website, an e-commerce store, business directory, Wikipedia, online magazine etc.,) Internet helps them find what they look for easily with a few clicks and taps.

Adopt and update

In order to make a living or make money, whether it is a street vendor, Micro, small and medium enterprise or a giant corporate entity, he or she who is on the driver seat of the business had to change their mindset and learn to become a digital native. They have to understand all aspects of the digital platforms, channels and tools to adopt and transform their business.
It is imperative to keep their digital knowledge up to date of the disrupting and evolving technology landscape to imagine, adopt, sustain, accelerate and grow.