Clarification About What Is A Free Website?

Clarification About: What is A Free Website?

A lot of people sent a Whatsapp Message asking me for clarification about the Offer we promoted online on 23-02-2018. Their one concern regarding that offer is ” it is too good to be true’. What is the catch?Yes, most of the time if it is too good to be true. it is. In our case, there is no catch in our offer.

Let me clarify a bit.

We are basically a website design, branding and digital marketing agency in Coimbatore, India. As of now we have designed and developed around 95 websites for our customers. Most of them are small manufacturers, traders and local restaurants and Hotels.

Before developing a website we do a lot of research about our customer’s business, about their competitors, what kinds of images represent their products or services, who their main customers, how to present their products or services to attract new and potential customers, how to make it easier for their customers to navigate and find what they look for etc.,

It takes a lot of time and effort for us to complete a business website.

We usually charge around Rs.6,000-00 ( Total  billable hours ). For A website like the one presented as a sample to get an idea about what kind of website is in FREE OFFER.

A Domain Name Registration Fee Goes To Register Service Provider.

Hosting Fees Goes to The Hosting Company. Website Hosting Definition by

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

We also get a tiny bit money out of of this services. Usually around Rs.100 to Rs.500-00 per Website.
In our Free offer service we also get tiny portion of the amount  Per website for Registration and Server Set Up, Search Engine Indexing and more work goes with the effort and time we spend on it.

Why Are We Doing This Free Service?

  • To Reach More Businesses who need what we have to offer.
  • To Create Awareness Of our Services
  • To Reach More Businesses
  • To Demonstrate Our Skill
  • To help Businesses To Get Online
  • To present our professional expertise
  • To Shout To the World Who we are
  • To Help Businesses to grow and increase our growth

We are not a NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANISATION. We are certainly in this field to generate more and more revenue. After all we have to pay rent, electricity charges, Broadband fees, salary and miscellaneous expenses like any other business.

We are providing ( In This Free Offer ) our time, expertise, effort for free worth Rs.15000-00 Approximate ( Our Total Billable Hours ).

According to a Google Article

Today, 3.7 billion people are online around the globe.Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, has predicted that’s set to rise to 8 billion by 2020.All of which adds up to limitless opportunities for your business to reach and engage with potential customers abroad

In India small like businesses such as the small manufacturers, traders, small restaurants, dealer, plumbers, electricians and other small businesses are providing jobs and the back bone of our economy.
Now a days people spend more time online with their smartphones than any other activity.
Whether the customer is across the street or 5000 thousand miles away, businesses has to reach them to create awareness of what they offer for sale.

Read below what more services we provide ( Free

See What is included for the Low and Special Offer Price.

  • Domain Name ( Your Company or product or , ) { For Dot Com Extension Rs.190-00 Extra}.
  • Website Server Hosting
    Free Email ID
    Unlimited Data Transfer
    Security 24/365 days
  • 24/365 Days Local support
  • Free Images ( Up To 50 Products ) and Editing
  • Free Maintanance
  • Free Video Upload
  • Free Website Copywriting
  • Free GOOGLE BUSINESS Listing ( Verified Business Listing ).
    Complete Indexing and Business Listing The Right Way
  • Free Google Map Listing
    For your New customers to find you easily with Directions
  • Free Google Insights Training
    Discover How Customers Find you on Google
    Where Customers Find You On Google ( Listing On Search or Maps )
    Visits To Website
    Request Directions or Call You Directly From Search or website
  • Microsoft Bing Places Listing
  • Discover How Customers Find you on Bing Search Engine
    Where Customers Find You On Bing ( Listing On Search or Maps )
    Visits To Website
    Request Directions or Call You Directly From Search or website
  • Google and Bing Advertising Assistance

More than 2 Billion People browse Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Linkedin etc.

  • Free Facebook Business Page Creation
    Free Facebook Business Training ( Limited )
  • Successful Email Marketing Training ( Limited )

Free Consultation – Everything Online Promotion and Digital Marketing

More Online Tools and Application Integration with promotion and Digital Marketing To Grow your Business in 2018 and beyond for Discounted prices.

GUARANTEED 1,00,000 VIEWERS IN 2018 – ( Combined With Google and Facebook Business ).

If you need more information or clarification Message Me R.Balasubramaniam By Whatsapp: 97918 52856.


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