Coimbatore Food Festival A Missed Opportunity

Coimbatore Food Festival – A Missed Opportunity!

Once in a Year Event – the Coimbatore Food Festival ( Taste Of Coimbatore ) is A Celebration of Coimbatore Food and was an excellent opportunity to promote and market the food menu of a hotel ( Restaurant ) to the eat out crowd.

Simple and meticulously prepared Veg delicacies to tastefully prepared Non Veg Biriyani was a wonderful treat for the Coimbatorean’s tasty palette. And it is one of the best place to try them.

Each and every amazing food is prepared by best cooks and chefs in Coimbatore Hotels. It is to be savoured in leisure and relaxed manner. Not in the crowd which leave not a inch of space for movement to taste the food.

In (  my point ) of view only ( maybe because of my digital marketing profession ) every hotelier should attract the food lovers with their best and signature dish to taste. If the food delights the person he or she will visit the hotel again to try other dishes.

What To do To Attract Them To The Hotel or Restaurant?

A clearly planned stall for the visitors to taste four or five SIGNATURE dishes in leisure. Distribute A food menu Brochure or a business card with Website address which is full of the food menu.

If they liked your dishes he or she will visit your restaurant again and again to try all of your food varieties. As it is my habit with all food festival conducted in a lot of food fests.

No other event other than Food Festivals like this are an Ideal Place to promote and market to all the food lovers and eat out crowd.

Data Collection For Engagement

The Food lovers who thronged the stalls is a beautiful opportunity to collect emails for engaging with the potential customers. An easier way to collect email and engage with them continuously.

Can be used for an email campaign offering them coupons and discounts to try other food varieties which they need to try. It is an opportunity to make them repeat customers.

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