Create A Facebook Page To Promote Your Business

Create A Facebook Page | Essential Steps To Promote Your Business

Why Facebook Pages?

Facebook is most important Social Media Platform for most of the businesses.
Especially for B2C, that is Business To Consumer brands. More than 1320000000 ( mind blowing ) number of active users are daily use facebook to discover New things, connect with friends and family, information about businesses useful to their shopping .
What better place than Facebook, where people spend their time to establish your business.
Only a crazy marketer will not use facebook to market their business. An opportunity no business will ignore if they want to increase their branding, promotion and marketing reach.
If you are business want to improve your business considerably, you need to create a Facebook Page. Facebook pages are not for individuals.
You can create a page for Local Business, Company, Organisation or Institution, Brand or product, Artist, Band or a Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.
Facebook pages are used for connecting with customers, engaging with them and increasing fans who like your business, product or services. Creating interesting content and driving your fans to your website to make them repeat customers.
Establishing Your Business With Facebook Pages is an Opportunity Of A Lifetime.

A Step By Step Guide To Create Facebook Page For A Clothing Brand.

This is How Facebook Explains About creating a Facebook page.

Get a beautiful online presence in minutes
It’s simple and free to set up a Facebook business Page. Your Page will look great on both desktop and mobile.

Open Facebook and follow the Red marks. Click The White Colour Mark and Click Create Page. You will be taken to the next page.
Here i am using a facebook business page for a Women’s Clothing Brand. Eve’s World.

A Demo Online Shop
Here i am selecting a Brand.
Click Brand or product – Select Category. I Selected Clothing(brand).
Under Select Category Type Your Brand Name or Business Name. I Typed Eve’s World A Demo Online Shop For Women’s Essentials.
That is it! Your Facebook Brand Page is Ready and it will look like this.
Image Sizes
Now keep your Logo ( size-170X170 px ) and Facebook Page Cover Photo ( size- 851X315 ) of your brand ready with you. Click The Camera image in No. 1 and select upload image and upload your logo.
Now click the No.2 Camera image and upload your cover photo. Also you can upload a video with the same dimensions.
( Latest News in near future – Facebook will turn your square profile picture to Round shape.)
Now My Business Page is ready on Facebook.
Under welcome page
Click add a short description
You want to summarize what your page is about to your audience withing 155 words.
I described my business as Online Sellers Of Beautiful and Trendy Clothing For Modern Women and Girls.
CTA – Call To Action – The Action that you want Your audience to take when they visit your page.
Now click the Blue Button under right side of your cover photo and edit the button. Choose your button according to what action you want your fans or customers to take.
I clicked Make a purchase or donation and selected Shop Now button and under shop now window added my website address A Demo Website As my motive was, I want my fans or customers to visit my website and know what iems are i am selling or make a purchase.
About Your Business
Now Tell people who you, where your store is located , Whent it started etc.
Click The About on the left menu.
Create A memorable user name for your page.

So people can find your business easily and remember your business.

My user name for facebook business page is
I keep this link saved for use it in my blog, in my website, in my other social media pages, on my visiting card, on my invoice, in my Email and all other communication channel to get likes and enlarge my brand.
Next Edit Start Date and add when you started the business.
Next Click Business Details
In edit your details window I selected My business sells goods or services online and clicked save.
Next Add your phone number
Add your website address
Next click edit other accounts.
Add if you have accounts in any other social media. It is really useful for cross promotion to drive traffic to your website.
Next Edit Founding date and fill it.
Next Click edit awards. If you or your business got reward for your products or services.
Next Click Privacy pilicy and add link of your privacy policy you created in your website.
That is all for now.
Ok. Your Facebook Page is ready. You need initial likes and and some kind of comment for your page.
Who better than your friends, relatives or colleagues?
Select friends on the right side of your page and invite or search for your friends on the search box and invite them to like your page. Ask them to spread the word to their friends, colleagues and relatives.
This is only a basic guide. There is more to come on the next article. If interested visit again.
If there is anything i missed, please comment below.
Any Help Needed, I will gladly help you setting up your Business page on Facebook
Whatsapp: 097918 52856

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