Digital Marketing Is Not A Puzzle

Digital Marketing Is Not A Puzzle.

Digital Marketing is simply a content and advertisement distribution process. Basically we create content in the form of an article, graphic, art, video or advertisement material.

All these content we craft for some one or for a lot of people who will consume thru different medium.

Almost Three billion people use internet for information and communication right now. They consume content in the form of word, graphic, audio and video etc, online. They spend more time online in social media and search engines and consume content on variety of devices.

How do they distribute content?

  • Consumer facing content on website
  • Writing Blog Posts
  • Posting Valuable Content on Facebook
  • Engaging Posts, Photos on Instagram
  • Professional Relevant content on Linkedin
  • Posting on Pinterest
  • Advertising online

Businesses use different channels ( Omni Channel ) to distribute their content towards an end user in order to engage with them and converting them to buying customers.

Why content is King?

Content Is Front, Centre, Left, Right, Top and Bottom of all to communicate with the targeted audience.

Distributing all form content and reach the right audience at the right time is the heart of digital marketing.






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