How To Keep Your Restaurants Humming with People?

How To Keep Your Restaurants Humming with People?

Digital Marketing Is Crucial to reach A Large Audience, Create awareness of your product or services and convert the visitors to a paying customer. To make them a repeat customer will generate a lifetime income that will grow enormously.
‘Only if there is people eagerly waiting to be placed after a table becomes free to be
seated is the real benchmark of a successful restaurant’.

People hate waiting in line. What makes them hate waiting?
What they do not care about or do not like to do makes them hate waiting. In a bus stop, for a train, traffic signal, goverment office and a lot of places they lose their patience.
But people will eagerly wait in queue for their favourite star’s movie opening show ,
a concert, a sports match played by their favourite athlete and anything makes them feel good and what they desire will make them wait patiently for a long hour or days.
What will make them waiting for a table in a restaurant, when there is plenty of competing restaurants mushrooming all over the city vying for the same people’s Business?

⦁ Hygenically Prepared Tasty Food
⦁ Exceptional Service
⦁ Comfortable Dining Tables and Chairs
⦁ A Pleasant Atmosphere
These are Basic Elements and norms not exception to be a great restaurant.

I read in a Marketing Article in The Wharton School Of Business Articel:
“Getting to ‘Wow’: Consumers Describe What Makes a Great Shopping Experience”
Ambience, Design, Furniture, Interior Design and Social Environement, Music influences
the mood of the customers and driver of a memorable experience in a restaurant.
A pleasant and Genuine welcome and acknowledgement by the staff and eager to assist
the customer will improve a positive impression.
The postive “WOW” experience should be consistent in all things a customer engage till
he leaves the establishment. Be it good food, attentive fantastic service, comfortable
furniture, pleasant atmosphere.

Word of mouth always and is still the No1 Driver of new business generating tool.
But in this never changing digital economy, businesses need to present in all channels
people engage with where they share their experience which
reaches unlimited people. If it is a postive experience and a praising review it will bring a lot of new customers who is not aware of your business until now. If those new customers also satisfied with the goods you sell your business will skyrocket to new heights.
Word of mouth marketing is limited by people meeting whenever the occasion arives.
They will share the experience to colleagues, friends and relatives and it is limited by time and when they meet.
But today they share it on Social Medias like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. It reaches reach a lot of people who eat in restaurants.
The WOW factor impacts the customers as a repeat customer.
Like A perfect Storm these all factors impacts the overall customer experience and
generates continuous Revenue for a restaurant.
Do strive to wow your customers by improving all this factors.

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