Pricing Plan For Early Stage

Our most popular plan for businesses, who is ready to start digital marketing to grow their business.

Break Up of the pricing plan.


Why do we need Amazon Cloud Hosting?

For example we host some of our clients websites on a Shared Hosting for Rs.260-00 Per Month.
These websites are only used as an online show room or just a catalogue for our client’s products or service and it is expected fewer than 50 visitors at a time. So that is enough for some clients.
But our other client’s website, we host on AWS for Rs.2690-00 Per Month in the early stage. These clients want to grow their business and opt for digital marketing to improve their customer base. These digital marketing efforts are focused on driving visitors to their website as much as they could.
It requires high performance servers. Amazon Cloud Hosting is a better option for scale, performance and security. And their servers deployed all over the world.
Cloud hosting is widely seen as a better option to shared hosting because of its ability to handle large amounts of traffic, its improved security protection, and its reliability. However, these extras do come at a cost.
The difference between shared and cloud hosting is that the servers on a shared hosting plan have multiple websites on them, while cloud hosting in comparison allows your site to be hosted on multiple servers. This means that cloud hosting can adjust to traffic and performance spikes as well as other stresses.
Shared hosting cheaper than cloud hosting, but it comes at a significant performance cost to to a business performance.

Google Advertisement

Even though our website is developed with most modern design guides and following best practices, the overwhelming competition for consumers attention can rank your business website far lower in search in the beginning.

To quickly reach a large audience, we need to use Google Ads. As the No.1 search engine, google receives the most visitors and searches.

In the beginning our focus is advertise in Google Ads platform.

People are always online and they are connecting, engaging and viewing, sharing and get information from a lot of  different platforms, different channels and different medias. In this overwhelming competitive world a business need to present their products or services to the consumers wherever they spend their time.

Digital marketing will help each and every business to reach the right buyers at the right time with the right proposition to close the sale. The modern marketing and sales technologies (sales and Marketing automation) helps a business to stay ahead of the competition.