What Is Content Marketing and How to Reach bigger audience and convert them to customers?

What Is Content Marketing and How to Reach bigger audience and convert them to customers?

My friend Digital Homes explains content marketing simply and with an example.

When i visited my friend’s home who is a Digital Marketing consultant, always online researching and studying about digital marketing. I used to call him Digital Holmes because he reminded me Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Detective character Sherlock Holmes.
He was typing something on his computer. I read the title aloud to get his attention.
” Buyer Personas and Content Marketing”.
He turned toward me and welcomed me with a smile and waved me to the soft cushioned sofa.
What is this content marketing thing Holmes?
I am keep hearing of digital marketing, Search Engine marketing, social media marketing, B2C marketing, B2B marketing, influencer  marketing and inbound marketing! I am baffled Holmes.
” My dear Watson content marketing was not a new thing. It is “Old Wine In A New Bottle”. Still it is same advertisement tactics in different Avatar in new name. People liked stories from the stone age. Advertisements are disguised with story telling avatar. The Internet helps reach bigger audience. Nowadays it is one of the tool which is front and centre of attracting the elusive customers” he said.
Be it An unknown one man business, world renown Google, world class Colleges and universities are writing interesting valuable content to support their products or services. It is the foundation for reaching the specific audience group. It supports and strengthens a Brand’s reach, image and reputation.

Now i remember Holmes! few days ago one of my client visited our office for new GST Tax clarification . When i asked him why his turnover for this quarter is very low compared to previous years. He has no answer. Only he had worried look on his face.
He said, “I don’t know Mr…. We have been advertising in Regional and National News papers and even ran several ads with a Famous Homely looking female actress as our brand ambassador. There was a small percentage of improvement in sales but over all returns are meagre compared to our advertisement budget.
And we tried digital marketing also. Spent thousands and thousands of rupees in CPC and Display advertisements and social media marketing to no avail. What to do Mr…!
It is the same with almost all my clients but few Holmes.
I am familiar with their products and sales records.
Thier XYZ Brand table top wet grinder quality is very good and we are also using their product in our home. My wife tells me it is easy to use and recommends to our guests.
‘Why Watson! the same brand grinder is my wife uses to grind rice batters.’ he said.
Holmes! If content marketing is the best choice of marketing i will suggest it to my client immediately. How do you apply this in his business Holmes? I am curious to know how to apply it in real life scenario.
Holmes! Now you are telling me content marketing is the best way to reach consumers and convert them to buyers. It is so confusing Holmes. Can’t you explain it in simple terms to layman like me.
Pray tell me how will this help my clients sell more and improve their earnings.
Holmes came and sat in front of me, placed his laptop on the table and switched it on.
‘ Here is just 12 excellent choice of articles which will give you the essence of what content marketing is about’ said Holmes and turned the laptop facing me ‘ while i brush up my skills in the now popular Social Animal called”INSTAGRAM” and picked up his smartphone.
I started clicking and reading the articles Holmes opened in his laptop.
After an hour or two reading around 12 articles, i looked at my friend.
Holmes ” it was an excellent set of articles which absolutely will help brands why and how to market their products or services thru content marketing’.
Still i have my doubts, it is beyond my imagination. How do you apply this in a real world business scenario i asked him eagerly.
Excellent my dear Watson! . Excellent ! he started to say something.
I interrupted him saying ‘Please don’t tell me it is “elementary my dear Watson”. It may be elementary to you, i am only a chartered accountant assessing, preparing and examining financial records of a business. I am not savvy enough to understand all these digital marketing, content marketing jargon . Do show me an example i can relate to.
All right Watson. You read the articles i recommended to you. What is an underlying thought throughout the articles is people are AVERSE to advertisements in any form. When they consume content by reading a blog article, watching videos, magazines, newspapers or watching Television, everywhere they are bombarded with advertisements. People stopped believing brand advertisements. They do not trust brand ads and do not make a purchase decision solely on advertisement only.
If you cannot reach consumers with advertisements, how are you going to attract them and convert them to buyers?
That is where content marketing supports our efforts to reach consumers.
Your client’s main product is Table top wet grinder. Who use the wet grinder Watson?.
Our home makers use it for crushing Rice and variety of Grains in to paste.
Sole purpose of Wet grinders is helping home makers to turn rice and grains in to paste for different variety of food items like Idly, Dosa, Appam and Paniaram etc.,
Here is real life content marketing idea for your client’s brand Watson.
Tell me what do you deduce from this screenshot of YouTube Channel’s Dosa Recipe page. He asked with his mischievous grin.


Why Holmes! any one can tell you they are dosa recipe videos.Two of the videos are in Hindi and one in Tamil language i said.
Is that all you can see Watson, he teased me with an enigmatic smile.
Oh! what more do you observe Homes? i asked somewhat hotly.
Cool down Watson. Cool down. This is only three out of hundreds videos come up on when we search “Dosa Recipe’ on YouTube.
A person who understands the intricacies of how digital marketing and content marketing works can deduce and have a lot of consumer data and opportunity to reach bigger and targeted audience, just looking at this screenshot.
What is more! your client can easily create a Buyer Persona and the Target group just from this videos and data.
First of all Let me show you the obvious points.
1. First Video Running Time 7.01 minutes, Second Video 10.32 minutes and Third 4.31 Minutes
3. All videos uploaded one year ago
4. First Video Watched by 14 Million viewers, Second Video by 3.3 Million People and Third video by 361 Thousand Viewers
5. That is 17,00,631 Views.
If you can reach more than seventeen million viewers with these three videos within an year. Imagine how many different videos a company like your client’s can create and attract potential customers.
analyse further

1. First Video is about Dosa
2. Second Video Is About Dosa Variation
3. Third Video Is About How To Grind Rice To Make A food or recipe like dosa.
4. What is common to all these recipes is they all are prepared with Rice Batter and Ground By Wet Grinders
Let us slice and dice these data and find where the opportunities and content marketing ideas resides.
First let us look at the definition by Content Marketing Institute.
“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.
Definition in The Forbes Article
” Each piece of content your brand publishes is an opportunity to leave readers with a positive impression. Creating content that’s thoughtful and informative gives visitors a reason to engage and the motivation to continue exploring what your brand has to offer. Ultimately, this builds the foundation of trust needed to turn prospects into customers”.

If your client creates videos about food recipes like
” How to make sponge like idly in 20 minutes to make your guests happy?”
a video that runs 5 to 10 minutes, there is an opportunity Show their Brand Wet Grinder Front and Centre of the (IN_VIDEO) video at least one minute. No sales pitch, just valuable and relevant content.
If they create different variety of interesting and useful recipe videos consistently like
” How to make tasty appam in 25 minutes?”.
Delight your children and send them to school when you are pressed for time.
You will walkaway with quick and easy way to solve morning pressure
Suppose your client creates about 10 videos like this and his brand name shown front and centre of this (IN-VIDEO) in videos, and each video gets 2 million views within an year, and if it is attracts more viewers regularly after an year, what will be the brand Recall value.
I leave it to your imagination Watson.
Consistently creating valuable and relevant content marketing approach is the best way to keep their attention around a brand.
As you can see there is millions and millions of viewers who is very much interested in content like this and their own time  visit when they like to watch videos, read blog posts, hear podcasts of the content they like.
They will be most likely the right customers of your client’s brand products.
Do you think the brand which provides these content will ultimately get the customer’s business, when the customers are ready to replace their old grinder or going for a new one.
If your client delights your existing customers with fanatic after sales support and improve the product more user friendly with customer feedback she will be your lifelong loyal customer and will be your client’s marketing machine.
I remarked just like Dr.Watson in ‘A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA’.
“the thing always appears to me to be so ridiculously simple that I could easily do it myself, though at each successive instance of your reasoning I am baffled, until you explain your process. And yet I believe that my eyes are as good as yours.”
Yes Watson. It is doable and anyone can master digital marketing with months and years of learning ,trying and testing and applying it to their unique business situation. It is not a one off learning path, but a continuous learning process.
Holmes smiled and said “creating engaging and interesting videos is the beginning Watson, there is more need to be done.
Look at the first and second video. It is for Hindi speaking viewers. That is more than seventeen million views. Third video is in Tamil, which attracted 361 thousand viewers.
What it tells me is “these dosa and idly recipes is especially South Indian Food, but this video shows me there is Hindi speaking people are more interested in these type of food items.
So there is few more million chance to sell wet grinders to different set of customers.
We need to figure out to drive viewers to the videos.
First of all we need to create an ideal buyer persona to promote and target for your client.
⦁ Create content and test what works and what is not working.
⦁ Search Engine marketing to help people discover the brand.
⦁ We need to use Analytics to find user behaviour and their interaction with the website to improve their user experience to make better business decisions.
⦁ Email marketing to stay connected with customers and keep them informed about our products or services.
⦁ Social Media Marketing to post relevant content and create a community to spread the word about the brand.
⦁ Marketing automation tools to manage marketing and email campaigns and tasks efficiently and timely.
⦁ Influencer Marketing to attract customers
” Well Holmes! please explain the processes one by one to me” i requested him.
” Oh! Watson in due course. Already two hours past our usual dinner time Watson and also i hear my better halfs foot steps, i think your favourite dinner Idly, Chutney Sambar is ready” said Holmes and got up from his chair.
For now that’s all folks. If there is any spelling, grammar and any other mistakes you find in this narration, it is all mine.
I shall post later his insights and reasoning about Digital Marketing and examples like buyer persona, email marketing etc.,
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