What Is The First Step To Digital Marketing ?

Most of the inquiries i receive from new clients is always the same. Whether they are referred by my existing clients or thru my Facebook Posts or they find my number in my website thru google search.

They are always ask the same question.

How much it will cost to digital marketing?

What do you do regarding digital marketing?

If you want a new house or office building constructed, you are not going to ask the Civil Engineer or builder

‘ Hello! I want a new house to live with my family or office building for my company . How much it costs? How are you going to construct the building?’

You have a specific outcome like 4500 Sq.ft home with 4 bedrooms, spacious portico, two car garage etc.,

That is the ultimate result you expect from building construction.

The same example applies to starting a digital marketing action and the result you expect.

What is your Goal?

What results you expect from digital marketing?


Like the management concept followed by corporations, you have to set a specific goal and with consistency and discipline you have to progress to achieve that goal, be it short term or long term goal.

If you set a specific goal it will help you focus your resources to help you achieve that goal.

  • Do you want to create awareness about your products or services to Local Area, District, State or all over India or the whole world.
  • Want to reach a large audience?
  • Create your brand reputation top of mind to the consumers
  • Want to generate leads to sell more
  • Convert your viewers to paying customers.


If you are not confused or cannot grasp the concept fully, you have to consult a professional.

For the safer side you can Test the waters and dive deeply afterwards.

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