What is the use of digital marketing? What do you mean by reach a large audience?

Whenever i meet some one i am aquinted with or some friends or relatives introduce the person usually a businessman i hand over my business card. After a glance at my card inevitably this question arise. Almost all the time. I used to explain it to them within a short time as much as i can.
Nowadays i tell them as politely as i can ” Please Search Google or just Ask Google ” Ok Google What is digital marketing” to find the complete answer.


What do you mean by reach a large audience?

Competetion is increasing day by day in all segments of businesses. In order to generate past income level you were accustomed to or increasing revenue, every business has to present their business online. That is where the customers are searching and finding what they wanted to buy. Billions of people are going online for information, entertainment, to buy products or services and it is increasing enormous speed and numbers.
It is an opportunity to reach the potential customers who is on multiple channels and platforms. The more people you reach and create awareness of your products or services, engage with your prospects and convince them why your products or services are superior to your competitors you will generate more business and more income.


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